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October 9th – Corset Night – Meet & Greet

7 Oct

October 9th – Corset Night – Meet & Greet

October 21, 2020 - 08:00 PM

Corsets were first introduced in the 1500’s to the French courts. No longer reserved for just under your clothes, corsets make the perfect top! The way the accentuate a woman’s body in the best ways, make them one of the sexiest and most desirable outfits. So tonight we encourage you to rock that corset, and feel the confidence and sex appeal that women across the ages have.

Come as early as 9am and spend the day relaxing by our heated pool and hot tub or experiencing everything that we have to offer for the same low price.

Need to work on those tan lines, we now have 2 newly installed Tanning beds and Spray Tanning! Need lodging? There are a number of chalets, glamping tents and our newly built CABINs on-site. Call for a reservation!

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