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October 2nd- Trailer Trash Night- Redneck Weekend

28 Sep

October 2nd- Trailer Trash Night- Redneck Weekend

October 21, 2020 - 08:00 PM

Our Meet and Greets are designed to be no pressure, get to know everyone parties for singles and couples that maybe new to the lifestyle. Tonight’s all about showing that the south will rise again (the south in your pants that is). So break out your cheapest beer and nicest set of red solo cups, as we kick off our annual Redneck Weekend!

Come as early as 9am and spend the day relaxing by our heated pool and hot tub or experiencing everything that we have to offer for the same low price.

Need to work on those tan lines, we now have 2 newly installed Tanning beds and Spray Tanning! Need lodging? There are a number of chalets, glamping tents and our newly built CABINs on-site. Call for a reservation!

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