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October 15th- Fedora Party

8 Sep

October 15th- Fedora Party

September 8, 2021 -

You’ve made your online swinger profile, and maybe you’ve spent a sexy night at a strip club together as a couple. You might be ready to take another step and meet other swingers in person; the perfect place to do this is a “Meet & Greet”. These events are dedicated swinger events, where people who are curious about the lifestyle can meet active participants.

A Meet & Greet allows you to interact with many different people in the lifestyle without any pressure of playing. Meet & Greets are less about finding a play partner for that night (although that can happen) and more about making lifestyle connections that can become helpful swinging mentors, sexy play partners, or whatever else you choose. It is much less scary to attend a group event with no pressure than it is to go on a private swinging date.

Come as early as 9am and spend the day relaxing by our heated pool, hot tub or experiencing everything that we have to offer for the same low price.

Need to work on those tan lines, we now have 2 newly installed Tanning beds and Spray Tanning! Need lodging? There are a number of chalets, glamping tents and our newly built CABINS on-site. Call for a reservation!

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