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22 Mar

Improved Road into the Forest.

New Gravel has been added to the ¼ mile road you travel to reach Pandora’s Forest Resort and ClubPandora nightclub property. WOW!!!! What a difference it has made. The new gravel lends a smooth and clean look allowing the large American flags along the Timberline Road to give our visitors a salute as they approach the Entrance into the resort. The campground drives also got a face lift with new gravel. Low hanging branches along the Timberline Road have been cut away for our friends with tall 5th wheels and motor homes. They are beautiful and we like to see them drive in without scratching their units. Plans to install street lighting at the beginning of Timberline Road as you turn in from the highway is underway. The street lights will allow you to see our Pandora’s Forest sign better so you know you are turning down the right road to get to our property. New signage will adorn the sides of Timberline Road to give lead-way so you know you are on the right road just about to enter the most exciting, sexy and fun time you will ever have.